Billy C. – “I spent over 30 years suffering with pain and lack of mobility from a spinal surgery and degenerative disk disease throughout my back from over 20 years in the military and all the damage done since. I resigned myself to dealing with the pain and expected it to continue to get worse as I got older. Over the year I asked doctors about chiropractors and was always told to not go that route, due to the damage what could be cause by trying to torque on my neck and back. I was introduced to Dr. Petty by a friend during a social occasion. After discussing my situation with Dr. Petty, he stated that he had other spinal fusion patients and would use non-traditional chiropractic method with me…no torqueing. I didn’t what to hear anything crack, or have any major spinal adjustments. He listened to my concerns and those of my doctors. He thoroughly reviewed my X-Rays and MRI, and discussed them with me in great detail. For the past couple of months he has been using a muscle stimulation device to loosen my muscles, an activator, and ultra-sound. Absolutely no cracking, pushing or pulling. The results have been incredible. I can actually turn and bend my neck without pain. My range of motion has significantly increased. Besides the reduction in pain, I no longer get tingling and numbness when I move my head in certain positions. Dr. Petty has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. I now go through life with more confidence and fewer fears regarding my future spinal health. I highly recommend anyone with similar issues to talk to Dr. Petty. You’ll quickly see that you can trust Dr. Petty and he is truly there to make your life better. Trust is important to me, that’s why I don’t mind driving 40 miles one-way to his office.”

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Deb C. – I have gotten such relief from Dr. Petty I wanted to post a second review. I get acute pain in my shoulder, back, and neck and chiropractic adjustments is the only effective means I have found to remedy the pain. I have gone to chiropractors in many states since we have moved a lot, and it can be challenging to find a good chiropractor. Dr. Petty listens and responds, and together we have worked out the best treatment plan for me. I highly recommend him.

A.J. – This was my first visit to a Chiropractor and I was very nervous. I had neck pain and my arms were going numb. Dr. Petty was amazing – very professional and personable and knowledgeable! He explained each process and he listened to my concerns. The sounds of my neck cracking shocked me and Dr. Petty noticed this, listened to me and we’ve worked though it slowly. I feel much more comfortable with the treatments and IT IS WORKING! I highly recommend Carolina Chiropractic to anyone who is considering or needs chiropractic treatments. AWESOME!!!!!

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Lynn D. – Dr. Petty of Carolina Chiropractic is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. I went to see him for my neck, shoulder, and joint issues. The treatments have helped me tremendously. He informed me at the beginning how much he could do and recommended other doctors to help with some of the issues. He is honest in his approach to his care of patients.

Tim C. – I am very reluctant to allow anyone to touch my neck. However, in pain from r a slight injury, my wife took me to Adam’s office. As a former claims adjuster in the north, I had a poor perception of Chiropractors. After a course of conservative treatment, over several weeks, my neck felt better. I was amazed. Adam took the time to explain in simple terms the nature of my injury and the proper treatment for my injury. Adam is the real deal, a truly caring health care provider and a real asset to Southern Pines. I highly recommend anyone who is injured consider calling Carolina Chiropractic, and consulting Adam. Any Questions, contact me.

Rebecca B. – I have had chronic back pain for years. Now that I am 40 it seemed to have elevated and for months I lost countless hours of sleep due to my back pain. A friend of mine suggested I call Dr. Petty. My first visit I was very impressed. Dr. Petty showed me the exact problem areas that were causing my pain on my x-ray. I then began my therapy and within a couple weeks I was sleeping through the night again. I love my visits at Carolina Chiropractic. Dr. Petty and Karen are such a joy and because my Tricare doesn’t cover Chiropractic care they offered me a reasonable pay plan. Thanks so much!!!

Kim H. – I have always been healthy and active, that is until July 27th. I sneezed and my back immediately became paralyzed. Whereas I used to be able to touch my toes, I could not even touch my knees without being in excruciating pain. After a week and a half of back pain, a friend of mine recommended I visit Dr. Petty. Thankfully, I was able to get an appointment the same day I called Dr. Petty’s office. He and his office manager were extremely kind, compassionate and empathetic. My pain was at a level 7 when I first visited. After the first week, it had decreased to a level 5. And by the end of this, my third week, a level 2. I have resumed my normal activities with caution, but am well on a path to total recovery. This is my first experience with chiropractic medicine. I did not know what to expect, but I knew I wanted the problem to be fixed, not simply relieved by pain medications. This journey has not been easy, but Dr. Petty made it better with his delightful personality and wit. He and his office manager are extraordinarily friendly. I strongly endorse him and would highly recommend this practice. P.S. He was also able to offer me an affordable payment plan 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Sara A. – At 36 weeks pregnant, my baby was breeched. I contacted Dr. Petty’s office because he was knowledgeable in Webster’s Technique, which establishes balance in your pelvis and reduces undue stress to your uterus and supporting ligaments allowing more room for the baby to flip into the correct position. He contacted me the morning after sending in a request and we set up an appointment for the following day to start to address the issue. I was impressed with his immediate response to my inquiry. Dr. Petty then contacted me the night after my first visit to see how I was feeling. After a couple of treatments with Dr. Petty my baby flipped into the right position. He not only performed Webster’s Technique but also has addressed my hip hurting from pregnancy and has shown me exercises to help stretch and strengthen my hips and joints. Dr. Petty is professional yet personal and listens to me as a patient. He is also more than willing to work with me, my schedule and my children so that I can receive the care needed. His staff is extremely courteous and addresses my children and me by name whenever we come into the office.

Karl S. – My experience with Carolina Chiropractic and Dr. Petty, has exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. Dr. Petty provides a level of care and doctor-patient interaction that cannot be taught in medical school. He really listens to you as a patient and is able to communicate with clarity and ease what the problems are and how the treatment plan will work, In addition, his knowledge of spine injuries and treatments is extensive. Dr. Petty was able to read my X-Rays and MRI’s from both pre-operative and post-operative and diagnose the exact problem areas and develop a treatment plan. Not only was he able to tell me which exercises will help strengthen my core but also able to advise me which exercises would aggravate my nerves and should be avoided. I am a military member who has been struggling with sciatica, and chronic back pain for over four years. I had surgery in Feb 2010 and have tried pain injections, physical therapy and acupuncture all with limited improvement of my pain and symptoms. Dr. Petty’s treatment plan, which includes not just chiropractic back adjustments which have been VITAL but also focused physical therapy exercises prescribed by Dr. Petty. My chronic back pain has sub-sided enough to provide me the belief that I can live almost pain free and get back to my active lifestyle. I am at the midway point of Dr. Petty’s treatment plan and can’t wait to tackle the second half of the plan. My back pain is now at a manageable level and I have a level of nearly pain-free functional mobility that I did not think was possible prior to visiting Dr. Petty and Carolina Chiropractic. I am excited and enjoying life again. June 24 2013 – Follow-up Review in addition to initial review above…I have now completed my relocation/transition from Southern Pines to Savannah GA. Unfortunately it has brought a premature end to my treatment plan with Dr. Petty at Carolina Chiropractic. During the moving phase, I certainly put a lot of stress and strain on my back but I have been thrilled at how well my back has held up. I credit Dr. Petty’s exercise treatment plan which includes stretch, strengthen, and specific rest and ice/heat. Although I was not able to see Dr. Petty for my chiropractic adjustments I have used the knowledge on how to properly apply his treatment plan to maintain my back pain levels at moderate. I am convinced that without my having had enough time to learn his treatment methods I would not have made it through this move without considerably more pain. One of the key points from his treatment plan was the use of ice to settle down my back spasm related to nerve pressure/impingements/pain. Had I not known to ice I would have used heat which would have only served to exacerbate the pain. Also from Dr. Petty’s knowledge I am now improving my back situation while still following his plan as closely as possible despite have the adjustments done by another chiropractor. The knowledge that Dr. Petty has given me on how to self-treat my back will serve me well into the future and I cannot put a price on it. Thanks Dr. Petty and the pillows are working great for both me and Sarah!

Shelly C. – May 22, 2013 changed my life completly, you see this was my first appointment with Dr. Petty. I had been in chronic pain for five years in my neck, back and hips without an answer as to why? I had seen several Rheumatologist and Neurologist without sucess and I had lost hope. I have always been very active my entire life. Exercising had become challenging and gardening was impossible. My entire life was altered due to my pain. My neck was so stiff that I was turning my body to look left or right. At my age, 41, I couldn”t believe this was happening to me and it seemed that it was of no concern of any physician I had seen prior to Dr. Petty. On my first visit the pain was so bad I was about in tears while speaking with Dr.Petty. Dr. Petty listened with a compassion and understanding. He took x-rays of my neck, back and hips. Dr. Petty showed me and explained my x-ray results which offered a reason for the chronic pain I was living in daily. I had never been asked to have x-rays done by any of the doctors I had seen in the past, makes you wander why? Dr. Petty started treatment that day and by my eleventh visit the pain is gone and I am able to enjoy my life again. Dr. Petty offered a treatment plan that was affortable for me because I do not have Health Insurance. Dr. Petty and his staff are friendly, caring, and willing to go that extra mile for their patients. If your reading this review, do yourself a favor and make an appointment.

Sarah S. – I had unexplainable back pain for many weeks before seeking chiropractic care – I wish I hadn’t waited so long! Dr. Petty not only treated the pain, but also recommended stretches and exercises to lessen the pain when I couldn’t come to the office. After my first visit, he called me for a follow up which was surprising and appreciated. His office staff is also very personable and I appreciate the variety of hours they are available.

Curtis T. – Hurt my back during morning PT at Bragg, the staff was able to get me in to start treatment that afternoon. After just a week, vast improvement. Dr. Petty’s professional demeanor and knowledge were icing on the cake to his treatment. His staff has been kind and courteous, and very helpful. I knew I went to the right place when I received a friendly phone call to see how I was doing after day 1. Would most definitely recommend.

Joe N. – Excellent that’s all I can say. I walked out feeling much better after just the first visit. I repeat I walked out! Dr. Petty seemed to understand just where I was hurting and was able to help. With the relief I got; I am actually looking forward to my next visit.